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Charity Weeks



My Story

My favorite Scentsy scents? Perfectly Pomegranate (my first Scentsy love), and Cocoa Clementine, and Sugar. I joined the Scentsy family in 2011 because it is a product I love and truly believe in. I have been in all facets of sales throughout my working career from a stint with telemarketing, all the way to a Realtor, and business owner. While sales was never my passion, connecting with other people is, and Scentsy is just the product and company where I can put my experience to work in a personal environment. I love sharing Scentsy recipes, and the latest warmers with my friends. If you would like to host a Scentsy party, whether in your home, a public meeting place,  or a simple basket party, give me a call!  I help you with all tools to have a successful and FUN party! I look forward to hearing from you!    <!--endbody-->  

What's warming in my home